Carriage Door Decorative Hardware Kit

Carriage Door Decorative Hardware

Decorative hardware is the icing on the cake for a carriage door. Faux strap hinges, handles, pulls, clavos, are just a few of the types of carriage door hardware that we offer. Please see our decorative carriage door hardware brochure for a full description of all our hardware types and color choices. A few examples of popular hardware choices include:

Spear End Hinges


Spear End Hinges Decorative Hardware - Locks


Click here for a full brochure of decorative hardware.

Decorative Garage Door Hardware - Handles Decorative Carriage Door Hardware


Contact us here for more information on carriage door hardware in the metro Atlanta area. We offer many different carriage style garage doors for installation in the metro Atlanta area. Insulated carriage doors, custom wood carriage doors, steel carriage doors, decorative hardware, and more.

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